Innovation projects

Innovation projects

Microencapsulated active ingredients can add real value and sensory moments of truth to a wide range of consumer products – allowing you to add physical and sensory benefits, increase engagement with your brands and make them more memorable.

Research has shown that adding a signature fragrance to a brand experience can increase memorability and loyalty by up to 30%.

One of our latest innovation challenges adds a blend of active release essential oils with natural antihistamine properties to disposable pillowcases for people with pollen, dust or pet allergies.


  • Add physical benefits and sensory moments of truth
  • Increase brand engagement and memorability by up to 30%
  • Preserve costly active ingredients at minimal cost
  • Combine multiple ingredients for combined action


Which product applications are most suited for microencapsulated ingredients?
Wherever the end use is a ‘dry’ experience - for example paper disposables, pillow sprays, wrapping paper, packaging materials, duvet and pillow fill.