We are experts in clean, sustainable microencapsulated products.

We have never used microplastics or formaldehyde in our formulations, and we never will.

Our products are made from natural biodegradable ingredients, botanicals and essential oils.

We’re committed to a programme of continuous improvement to reduce our energy, plastic and water consumption keeping our operation efficient and our prices competitive while protecting our world.

All our formulations are skin safe and certified to IFRA standards.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Yes!  We have never used synthetic polymers, formaldehyde or microplastics in our range of microencapsulates. All our formulations use natural harmlessly biodegradable ingredients.

No!  Nor or do our suppliers.

We are committed to driving down our consumption of plastic and reducing our plastic waste. Changes to product packaging in 2020 have reduced our consumption by 20%. We separate all recyclable waste from our production and work with a specialist waste contractor to minimise the waste we send to landfill.