AromaCap Whether it's a fresh burst of clean linen or a therapeutic blend of essential oils to aid a good night's sleep our AromaCap fragrances add a long lasting and continual motion activated release of fragrance for a wide range of consumer products.

Microencapsulated to preserve costly fragrance ingredients, once applied AromaCap delivers 24+ months shelf life on the finished product in use.

AromaZona Where active release is not required, our range of long lasting AromaZona fragrances offers a great alternative to encapsulated aromas.


  • Facial and bathroom tissue
  • Non-wovens for diaper, femcare and adult inco
  • Duvet, pillow and upholstery fill
  • Footcare and footwear
  • Pet care grooming and pet bedding
  • Mattress and pillow protectors
  • Disposable bedding
  • Couch roll for beauty & health clinics

Frequently Asked Question

Are microencapsulated fragrances more expensive?
No. In fact very often AromaCap fragrances are both cheaper and more cost effective than standard fragrances. Because microencapsulation preserves the fragrance from degradation, application levels can be reduced to save money and deliver a better consumer experience and a longer shelf life.
How long will the fragrance last on the finished product?
Once applied, AromaCap lasts at least 24 months and will only activate and release once the product is in use.
Over what period will AromaCap release it's fragrance?
This depends on how much is applied. Typically consumers will notice fragrance release over anything from a few hours to a few months.
Are AromaCap fragrances suitable for sensitive skin?
All our fragrances are formulated to be skin safe under IFRA and Reach regulations for the intended use. We also offer a range of allergen free fragrances for very sensitive skin.