Decongestants & Allergy formulations

MentholCap formulations deliver a fresh burst of decongestant for clear, easy breathing.

Our allergy formulation offers active comfort from the effects of hayfever and allergens using a unique blend of essential oils with natural antihistamine properties.

Using only natural ingredients and essential oils, MentholCap supports '100% natural' on pack claims  


  • Facial tissue
  • Non-wovens
  • Disposable pillowcase liners


What pack claims can be used?
MentholCap decongestants can support '100% Natural' claims on pack.
What data do you have to support your allergy formulation?
Our allergy blend is supported by an independent study by the University of Lincoln for efficacy in helping to comfort the effects of hay fever and allergy. Together with consumer trial data this allows us to support a range of consumer pack claims.