Anti Microbials

Anti Microbials

Our growing range of active release anti-microbials offers an effective way to protect against viruses and bacteria.

SteriCap PowerTM encapsulated anti-microbial will deliver an instant and persistent kill of all known bacteria and viruses - including Covid 19. Active release in use on the substrate, SteriCap PowerTM delivers a powerful and novel double protection which remains active for 24 hours. In late stage development, SteriCap Power will be available to some markets by mid 2021

SteriCap PlusTM encapsulated anti-microbial uses 4th generation quaternary ammonium compounds for effective kill of most known bacteria and viruses including corona viruses. In late stage development, SteriCap Plus will be availbale in all markets by early 2021

SteriCapTM encapsulated anti-microbial uses the natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antiseptic properties of pure tea tree essential oil for an active release in the substrate and transfer to the skin. Recognised for its natural therapeutic properties for centuries, tea tree is well understood by consumers and supports tradtional remedy pack claims.


  • Paper handtowels in AFH washroom settings
  • Paper disposables in clinical settings
  • Facial tissues
  • Non-woven hospital bed curtains
  • Non-woven disposable bedding
  • Non-woven matress/pillow protectors
  • Non-woven dry wipes
  • Kitchen roll

Frequently Asked Question

Is SteriCap effective against Covid 19?
Once development is complete, we expect SteriCap Power to be effective in delivering an instant and persistent kill of all viruses including Covid 19.
What regulatory controls is SteriCap subject to?
SteriCap Power and SteriCap Plus are covered by the relevant biocidal regulations in specific markets. SteriCap Power will be approved for use first in North America with Europe and the rest of the world to follow at a later date. SteriCap Plus will be approved for use in all markets from date of launch. SteriCap is covered by IFRA and Reach regulations for fragrances and cosmetics and is approved for use in all markets.