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Benefits of Microencapsulation

Why use Microencapsulation?

Fragrances and other added value ingredients are often costly and prone to degradation when left open to the air. Microencapsulation is a preservation technology which holds costly ingredients in air-tight micro capsules keeping them protected from evaporation and oxidisation. Once applied the microcapsules remain intact until the product is handled and their contents are released.

What is Microencapsulation?

Our technology is a way of holding liquid ‘cargo’ in tiny airtight microcapsules which when ‘popped’, release their contents exactly where and when they are needed. This ‘cargo’ can be any non-water soluble liquid; a fragrance, moisturiser or a biocide, for example. The capsule wall is made from natural materials and is totally biodegradable. Measuring 10 -15 microns the microcapsules are completely invisible to the naked eye.

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